Q: Where are you located, and can you travel for shoots?
A: I am located in Naples, Florida, and I can travel for a shoot.

*Note: Any location outside of the Naples area results in a travel fee of a minimum of $40.*
Q: Do you shoot destination weddings?
A: Depending on the date and place, I do shoot destination weddings.

*Note: All out of state travel costs are the responsibility of the client, which includes, but are not limited to, flights, stay/hotel, food, and other travel expenses.*
Q: Can I extend the session on the day of the shoot?
A: Yes, but there will be a minimum charge of $50 per extra hour.
Q: Do I have to order prints through you?
A: Certain packages include digital prints, which you would have to have printed up yourself. However, the physical prints that are included in other packages, I have made up for you.
Q: How will I receive my digital photos?
A: You're digital photos, once complete, will be available for download from Pixieset. 
Graphic Design
Q: How does your logo and social media banner design process work?
A: Whether in person, over email, or video chat, I first start by discussing your ideas, marketing, and uses for the logo/banner. Next, you will provide two to three existing logos/banners that you like or dislike in order for me to understand what you want. From there, along with your ideas, I will design an image that meets your needs. You will have three opportunities for adjustments, and then your logo/banner will be complete.
Q: How involved will I be in the design process?
A: I make it a point to have all my clients pretty involved in the design of their logo/banner, in the effort to produce exactly what you need.
Q: What kind of files will my logo come in?
A: Your logo will come in EPS, jpeg and png files.
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